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Reimagining the Future of Hospitality with AI-Enabled Hotels

BLLA is thrilled to present an exciting addition to the hospitality literature: "Reimagining Global Hospitality: Envisaging the AI Hotel of the Fu...

BLLA is thrilled to present an exciting addition to the hospitality literature: “Reimagining Global Hospitality: Envisaging the AI Hotel of the Future.” Authored by Alexander Mirza (Founder & CEO, Mogul Hotels and Residences & author of Talent Disruption), Sahar Cain (CTO, Mogul Hotels and Residences), and Gurvinder Batra (Co-Founder & CTO, KiwiTech), this book is about the AI revolution in the hospitality sector, offering an interesting perspective.

Foreworded by Rakesh Gupta, CEO and Co-Founder of KiwiTech, the book receives accolades from thought leaders and industry pioneers alike who recognize its visionary insights and strategic significance. Leonard A. Schlesinger, Baker Foundation Professor at Harvard Business School, praises the authors for their compelling research and forward-thinking approach, highlighting the book as an absolute must-read for addressing operational challenges in service firms. Adam Burke, CEO of LA Tourism Council & Convention Board, commends the authors for their innovative work, emphasizing its relevance in reshaping traditional business models and rebuilding the talent pipeline in the hospitality industry.

The book guides readers through the complicated hospitality sector, reflecting light on the strategic problems that hoteliers encounter throughout the world by providing insights into the emergence of homogeneous brands as well as the pressing issues of staffing and sustainability.

One of the key book highlights lies in its exploration of AI-driven hotels, where automation, robotics, and the expertise of hospitality professionals converge to redefine the guest experience. The authors envision a future where hotels seamlessly cater to the evolving needs of guests while maintaining sustainability and inclusivity.

The book also discusses the critical role of workforce management and innovative approaches to talent acquisition and retention, while also advocating for a culture of meritocracy that empowers employees and promotes growth within organizations. By leveraging AI, hotels can personalize services, anticipate guest needs, and elevate the overall quality of service delivery. It addresses the imperative of sustainability in the hospitality sector, advocating for eco-friendly practices and responsible tourism. From reducing carbon emissions to promoting indigenous cultural experiences, the authors emphasize the industry’s critical role in crafting a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future.

To put it simply, “Reimagining Global Hospitality: Envisaging the AI Hotel of the Future,” with its visionary outlook and comprehensive strategy, serves as an inspiration for hoteliers maneuvering the intricacies of a dynamic hospitality business. To find out more about the book, visit KiwiTech’s website. You may also purchase it directly from Amazon.

About KiwiTech:

KiwiTech is the innovation partner of choice for startups, enterprises, and government authorities worldwide. The company combines its strength in established and emerging technologies with its specialized skills across 20+ industries to help its clients unlock new opportunities, drive growth, and secure a sustainable competitive edge.

KiwiTech is a proud vendor partner of the Boutique Lifestyle Lodging Association (BLLA).

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