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The 10th annual Boutique Hotel Investment Conference

Attendees ranked the speakers, content, and experience ‘best in class’ Los Angeles – The Boutique Lifestyle Leaders Association (BLLA) held its ...

Attendees ranked the speakers, content, and experience ‘best in class’

Los Angeles – The Boutique Lifestyle Leaders Association (BLLA) held its annual Boutique Hotel Investment Conference on June 8th at the iconic Plaza Hotel Grand Ballroom in New York City. Nearly 200 attendees came together to celebrate the flourishing sector of boutique hospitality and gain top-tier insight into where the industry is heading.

The conference day was filled with meaningful panels, case studies, debates, and think tanks – all pointing toward the passion and resiliency of such a daring community of boutique believers. Watch the short video reel from some of the top speakers and attendees of the conference here.

Development Panel featuring Eric Jafari – Chief Development Officer, edyn, Rafael Museri – CEO & Co-Founder, Selina, Robin Kennedy – EVP, CDO, Montage International, and Ernest Lee – Chief Growth Officer, citizenM

It was particularly conveyed during a surprise finale Keynote session with Horst Schulze, Co-Founder of the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company and Capella Hotels, and Frances Kiradjian, CEO and Founder of BLLA. Horst commented: “And think about what the beautiful thing this is – that we can care for people. That’s our business. And to create surroundings in a happy way, what a great business. And I think in fact, your group, boutique hotels especially. And if you don’t mind, I can tell you this: I think this is a very unique moment for all of you in boutique hospitality because the big names (you know who they are) are all moving very fast to what is becoming a sleeping commodity without hospitality. This is your (BLLA’s) time!” 

BLLA is leading the way to unite the world’s best boutique hotel executives and creators and shine a light on the thriving and lucrative sector that is boutique hospitality. Judging by the heartfelt testimonials, the 2022 Boutique Hotel Investment Conference was an impactful experience and a time for boutique experts to appreciate the unique and captivating elements of the landscape.

Owners, investors, developers, and other forward-thinking professionals were immersed in an environment where they could learn from one another and engage in fruitful discussions. As Robin Kennedy, EVP, Chief Development Officer at Montage International shared “There are people that are very interested in the same types of ideas. Everybody is trying to find their space in the market and understand that there can be something different.” 

As James Bermingham, keynote speaker and CEO of Virgin Hotels, stated, “BLLA really captures the essence of the hotel business.”

James Bermingham, CEO, Virgin Hotels

Rafael Museri, CEO & Co-Founder of Selina, also expressed that just within one hour he met “extremely interesting entrepreneurs, and managers and there is so much in common that I don’t find at many other conferences; where I feel that we have a lot in common even with a different target audience and different ideas, there is still something in common with people that create unique concepts.”

Networking was a key component of the conference, as the community and the people are the true heartbeat of our industry. 

During the opening session, Ariela Kiradjian, COO and Partner of BLLA, emphasized that “Boutique is lifestyle, and lifestyle is boutique.” This theme held strong throughout the day.

In addition to the in-person interactions, all attendees were given exclusive access to the virtual conference hub which allowed them to further interact with one another throughout the eventful day. They were also able to download valuable resources and share their sentiments as to why they believe in the boutique movement.  

About the Boutique Lifestyle Leaders Association (BLLA)
Founded in 2009, the Boutique Lifestyle Leaders Association (BLLA) is the official association for the world’s top visionaries in the boutique lifestyle industry. Membership with the BLLA includes not just a strengthened sense of community—it offers all the resources necessary for small and independent businesses to thrive in this growing sector, including access to distribution channels, marketing tools, webinars, white papers, reports about the evolving boutique landscape, and more. The organization promotes connection, education, and advocacy. As a pioneer in forecasting the boutique movement, the BLLA’s network has grown beyond its hotel foundation to welcome more passionate entrepreneurs, businesses, and purveyors that amplify the boutique lifestyle. BLLA is a catalyst for trends and the future of boutique.

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