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The Artisans: Michelle Barnet

The BLLA Team sits down with Michelle Barnet, Founder & Chief Pineapple Officer of Staypineapple, as she delves into her experience as a boutique...

The BLLA Team sits down with Michelle Barnet, Founder & Chief Pineapple Officer of Staypineapple, as she delves into her experience as a boutique hotelier.

BLLA: What is your company’s mission statement?

MB: Redefining Hospitality & Inspiring Out of the Ordinary Experiences.

BLLA: How did you enter the hospitality industry?

MB: I knew my single focus needed to be an exploration of my skills and passions, and once found, I needed to find my critical path toward manifestation in the big world. My passions were, and still are, creative visioning, strategic planning and exploring what’s possible. This led me to hospitality. I love the mix of the art of people with the science of business.

Staypineapple – Hotel Z | San Diego, CA

BLLA: What does “boutique” mean to you?

MB: Boutique and unique hotels are theater sets. They should be crafted as extraordinary places where amazing one-of-a-kind experiences can be curated daily for each and every traveler.

BLLA: How are you an artisan?

MB: The artisanal aspect of hospitality is paramount to small boutique properties, as creativity and flexibility are essential in crafting remarkable, memorable experiences. Everyone in our organization is an artisan, as defined by a significant blend of emotional and intellectual capabilities displayed daily in our care for others. It constantly shows in our problem-solving, creativity and pride for our brand. As the word artisan comes from ART, it is the creation of great energy and feelings in a space, an endeavor I believe Staypineapple does in every moment.

Staypineapple | San Francisco, CA

BLLA: Why do you celebrate the path of independence?

MB: I always believe there is a better way, a better experience, and a better product. And if not, we must take the responsibility upon ourselves to create it. Our board of directors is simply our guests and team members. No unnecessary outside influencers. I founded Pineapple Hospitality to create a disruptive platform focusing on the guest experience and anticipating guests’ needs. And just as we took the responsibility upon ourselves to create a better hotel experience, we have now taken it upon ourselves to disrupt the industry once again with the launch of our management and licensing company, Staypineapple Hotels Inc. It is a means to provide this unique culture that we’ve created to our fellow hoteliers, sharing our process to strive to answer before being asked, provide before requested, and constantly intuit peer and guest needs before they even appear. We love what we do and want it to spread within the tourism industry.

Staypineapple | San Francisco, CA

BLLA: What advice would you give to first-time hoteliers?

MB: Memory-making is the elemental currency of success in hospitality. See every guest individually. No two have the same needs or desire for the same experience. Allowing time to hear each guest and then deliver a specially crafted experience is the essence of being a boutique hotelier.

BLLA: What would you say to hotel lenders & investors reading this?

MB: Staypineapple is more than just a hotel brand, it is a symbol of whimsical elegance and a redefined approach to the industry of hospitality. For over a decade, I have kept Staypineapple’s unique service standards and operational model under wraps as our team perfected every aspect of the business. But it is time that we share what we’ve built, and I am so excited to have launched Staypineapple Hotels Inc. earlier this year, the third-party licensing and property management division of our business that will make the Staypineapple flag available for our fellow hoteliers.

Staypineapple | New York, NY

BLLA: What’s next for you?

MB: 2023 is the year to share Staypineapple with our fellow industry leaders and professionals. Our executive leadership team will attend numerous industry conferences and events, such as the upcoming 2023 Boutique Hotel Investment Conference, as we are the Lifestyle Sponsor. We’ll be onsite presenting Staypineapple Hotels Inc.’s powerhouse of property management capabilities. There is magic in what we’ve created, and it is time we share it with the rest of the hospitality industry. 

Staypineapple | Chicago, IL

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