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Bridging Cultures: Andrew Miele’s Innovative Approach to Wellness Tourism

Season 2 of the Unfamiliar Shift, Episode 4 In the bustling world of hospitality, few names resonate with the innovative fusion of wellness, cultur...

Season 2 of the Unfamiliar Shift, Episode 4

In the bustling world of hospitality, few names resonate with the innovative fusion of wellness, culture, and leadership as distinctly as Andrew Miele, CEO of Nomade People. His journey, spanning from humble beginnings at a Holiday Inn in Ontario, Canada, to pioneering new frontiers in the hospitality industry, is nothing short of inspirational. Miele’s story is not just about career progression but a testament to the transformative power of blending spirituality with business.

A Visionary’s Path

Andrew Miele’s career trajectory in the hospitality industry is marked by pivotal transitions and significant growth. His move from Toronto to Miami in 2011 to open the Four Seasons development office was a game-changer, focusing on expansion in Latin America and the Caribbean. However, it was his chance encounter in 2018 with the founders of Nomade that truly set the stage for his current role. This meeting, stemming from a shared passion for wellness and spirituality, eventually led him to join and later lead Nomade People.

Redefining Wellness Tourism

Miele’s insights into wellness and personal growth, particularly in Tulum, Mexico, are reshaping the industry. He highlights the influence of local pioneers like Sebastian, who introduced unconventional yet comfortable and healing hospitality products. Under Miele’s leadership, Nomade People is not just a hotel company but an evolving cultural brand, adding properties like Monopole Berlin and Buenos Aires, and planning openings in Ibiza and Loom. These ventures are driven by a desire to create emotional connections and thoughtful communication, moving beyond traditional hotel stays.

The Spirituality-Business Confluence

One of the most compelling aspects of Miele’s approach is the balance between spirituality and business. This harmonization is crucial in the wellness industry, where personal experiences and emotional connections are prioritized over extreme wellness solutions. His vision focuses on integrity and longevity through people-to-people interactions, reflects a deep understanding of the industry’s evolving dynamics.

Future Trajectories and Industry Implications

As the hospitality industry navigates through changing guest needs and industry trends, Miele’s strategies offer valuable insights. His emphasis on understanding the guest’s life journey spectrum and tailoring marketing efforts accordingly is particularly notable. The use of evergreen campaigns, periodic new content inducement, and a focus on personal connection and healing in hotel ownership, speak to an industry that is rapidly adapting to more personalized, authentic guest experiences.


Andrew Miele’s journey in the hospitality industry is a beacon for those aspiring to innovate and lead with integrity. His blend of spirituality and business acumen provides a roadmap for future leaders, emphasizing the importance of emotional connections, personal experiences, and understanding the evolving landscape of guest needs. As the industry looks forward, the principles and practices championed by Miele will undoubtedly continue to influence and shape the world of hospitality. His story is a compelling reminder that in the world of hospitality, the most memorable experiences are those that resonate on a deeper, more personal level.

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