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Declarations: Design Leaders

Community. Creativity. One of a kind. A lifestyle.  These phrases accentuate some of the driving values of our industry. Boutique hospitality ...

Community. Creativity. One of a kind. A lifestyle. 

These phrases accentuate some of the driving values of our industry. Boutique hospitality is founded on factors of people, stories, experiences, and originality. It is a movement that is paving the way for an immersive, human-centered, and reimagined era of travel. 

This movement would not exist without the leaders who believe in the spirit of boutique and wholeheartedly embrace its impact. To recognize these leaders, we have created a series that spotlights their beliefs about the innate beauty of the industry. 

Get a glimpse of what these design leaders have to say:

“As an advocate, designer + educator, I am a champion of the people and communities we serve through design. Boutique for me is the collection of people’s stories combined with the impact and change needed to ensure creativity reaches everyone. Boutique is a powerful multifaceted necessity.”

– Kia Weatherspoon, Founder, Determined by Design

“Boutique is rooted in the sense of community. To us, it is all about creating memorable, design-driven and elevated experiences that in turn creates connection with the local community and travelers alike. I am thankful to be a part of an industry that is continuously inspiring each other to innovate!”

– Lynn Easton, Co-Founder & Creative Director, Easton Porter Group

“The hospitality industry has a very big heart – and at its heart is dedication to the service of others . . . the Boutique realm brings this to an intimate scale, making it personal, with an ongoing thoughtful edit to what matters most. What excites me about the Boutique Strong movement are it’s human-centered values – welcoming all and impacting communities from the heart.”

Denise Korn, Principal | Design Ninja | Hospitality Whisperer | Creative Director | Cultural Provocateur, Yellow&

“The Boutique Movement to me represents the innovative and independent qualities of our industry. The type of qualities that inspire me as an entrepreneur and risk taker to think outside the box and help in creating thoughtful designs for the hospitality industry. It is all about an individualistic approach and a spirited vibe that embraces locally influenced and customized design and provides a platform for one of a kind destinations and experiences.”

– Doug Olson, President, C2C Designs

“I believe in the boutique movement because boutique represents consciously curated, authentic and intentional experiences that uplift, encourage and energize the human spirit. ‘Boutique’ is a lifestyle, an attitude. It is memorable, genuine, intimate and special. Boutique is a feeling, kind of like ‘magic’ when you know you connect with something at a soul level and the future is all about the soul.” 

– Nile Tuzun, Founder & Chief Creative Storyteller, Studio Nilebrand

Each of these design leaders is a member of BLLA.

BLLA is an association that unifies the creators and believers of the industry. It is a launching pad for the best in boutique to gather and disrupt the status quo.

To join this growing and global community, take a look at the different levels of membership!

To hear from more boutique hospitality leaders, secure a ticket to the Digital Boutique Lifestyle Leadership Conference from October 25-26!

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