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Declarations: Vendors

We are an industry of creators, trailblazers, and most importantly, believers. Hear from some dynamic vendors as they share their declaration of...

We are an industry of creators, trailblazers, and most importantly, believers.

Hear from some dynamic vendors as they share their declaration of why they believe in the boutique movement.

“Boutique hotels represent and reflect the communities in which they reside. The character, depth and uniqueness of each boutique hotel allow for a personalized and memorable experience. These hotels enhance the real estate on which they sit with their own personality.”

– Samantha Ahuja, Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig

“I believe in treasuring independence, and that is what stems off of boutique properties. Not only enabling the independence of the property itself, but also what the guest adheres to.”

Ella Steele, Senior Director of Marketing, World Cinema, Inc.

“We believe in the boutique movement because we believe in disruptors and expressing individuality. We love creativity and unique experiences; the intimacy that comes with boutique. More importantly now, than ever before, bold is beautiful!”

– Marc Soblick, Vice President, A1 American

“Boutique inspires the hospitality industry to become progressive in thinking, collectively moving forward the consideration between human connection and travel experiences. Boutique further encourages a passion for the work hoteliers and partners do together long term – bringing a genuine sense of authenticity into the heart of hospitality services and design.” 

– Cara Federici, Founder & CEO, The Madison Melle Agency + tech theory group

“Boutique hotels beam with character and offer travelers a more authentic and bespoke experience, which aligns with growing trends in the travel space.”

Dustin Caromano, Director of Marketing and Content, Première Advisory Group

“Quite frankly, I have always been a bit of an independent spirit and the fresh joie de vivre of boutique hospitality truly inspires me. Boutique hospitality is uniquely positioned for impactful innovation in the eco space. Meeting guests at their most restful, joyous and receptive, boutique hospitality has the unique opportunity to create personal and resonant experiences that the guest will bring back into their collective worlds.”

Stacey Cavin, Founder, The Spirited Artisan

“Our experience has always focused on the creation of personality-driven, boutique projects. The boutique sector carries so much scope for creativity, thoughtfulness, and the opportunity to deliver meaningful experiences.”

Colin Hannan, Principal, Proven Partners

“I believe in the boutique movement because I believe in the people that make up this industry. The Boutique industry is made up of innovators and disruptors. Now more than ever, we need individuals who are ready to branch away from normalcy, and create new and unique experiences.”

– Kayla Evans, Client Executive, Marsh & McLennan Agency – West

All of these vendors are official members of BLLA.

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