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Declarations: I Am Awakened By

"The Awakening" was the driving force behind the 2021 Boutique Lifestyle Leadership Conference. Whether the session was on sustainability, we...

“The Awakening” was the driving force behind the 2021 Boutique Lifestyle Leadership Conference.

Whether the session was on sustainability, wellness, or category innovation & development, the theme of “being awakened” was a central point of conversation.

The beauty of this theme is that every person experiences a different awakening. We are all unique in how we perceive the world and how we seek fulfillment in our personal and professional lives.

During the conference, attendees were encouraged to share what it is that truly “awakens” them. We have gathered some of their responses!

Get a glimpse of what these industry leaders have to say:

I am awakened by the transformative power that travel has to connect us and remind us of what is important and how huge and diversely wonderful our world is – and how boutique hotels and those who work in this industry help stoke that passion and inspire us all!”

– Emily Teachout, Brand Marketing Manager at RMS

“I am awakened by the unconditional love our planet gives us. Despite the abuse it must withstand due to human carelessness and insensitivity, it still grows our food, provides materials for housing, and medicine for our health. No one loves us more than mama earth.”

– Konrad Adderley, Owner at Soulmate Beds

I am awakened by how boutique hotels have the potential to offer transformative experiences for guests, employees, and communities… and the possibilities these rippling effects can have on the world.”

– Chi Tan, Founder and Brand Strategist at Brand Nomad

“I am awakened by time with my family, being outside in any weather, having an adventure and playing. I am also awakened by my mentors and mentoring, helping a client create something special, and remembering to breathe!”

– Lynn Curry, Principal at Curry Spa Consulting

“I am awakened by people, starting with my family … my 2 amazing daughters, 3 sweet grandsons, incredible father and husband and simply awesome son-in-law. The people in my industry, travel and hospitality and tourism, are what drive me everyday. The love that shines through their hospitality hearts, helps our world survive and thrive and brings us experiences in destinations that fill our souls. Sending you all two days of heartfelt love and appreciation for all of your support and engagement with our BLLA boutique family and community!”

– Frances Kiradjian, CEO of BLLA

“I am awakened by witnessing the awakening, the meaningful moment when someone has a shift, a feeling of joy. I am awakened when I witness a moment of pure kindness and connection.”

– Lee Bailly, CXO at Harmony Projects

“For a while now, I have been awakened by the realization that we create our reality and we are the medium. We are the creators and designers of our own destiny.”

– Nile Tuzun, Founder & Chief Creative Storyteller at Studio NILEBRAND

“I am awakened by the countless times boutique hospitality professionals show up for each other.”

– Ariela Kiradjian, COO of BLLA

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