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Embracing Sustainable Luxury and Wellness in Hospitality

Podcast episode with Charlotte Gomez de Orozco Episode Summary: In this enlightening first episode of season two, Charlotte Gomez de Orozco, the ...

Podcast episode with Charlotte Gomez de Orozco

Episode Summary:

In this enlightening first episode of season two, Charlotte Gomez de Orozco, the visionary founder of HOY Hotel Paris, delves into the intricate blend of sustainable luxury and wellness that defines her hotel’s ethos. She also unpacks the unique yoga-centric hotel concept thriving in the heart of Paris. With a special focus on holistic wellness and self-care, this episode explores the transformative journey of buying and renovating a Parisian hotel, the challenges of opening a wellness-oriented establishment, and the incorporation of Mexican cultural elements into the boutique hotel experience.

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Charlotte Gomez de Orozco, Founder, HOY Hotel Paris

Episode Timestamps:

[0:00] Introduction to Sustainable Luxury Hotel Design and Wellness

[2:44] The Unique Yoga Hotel Concept in Paris

[7:01] Holistic Wellness and Self-Care Features at Oil Hotel

[12:14] The Journey of Acquiring and Revamping a Paris Hotel

[17:15] Overcoming Obstacles in Establishing a Unique Yoga Hotel

[21:56] Navigating the Difficulties of a Parisian Wellness Hotel Launch

[26:48] Infusing Mexican Culture into a Boutique Hotel Brand

[31:08] Gentrification and the Independent Hotel Scene in Paris

[36:05] Sustainable Tourism, Feminine Leadership, and Mental Health in Hospitality

[43:25] Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in the Hospitality Industry

Key Discussion Points:

Sustainable Design: Charlotte Gomez de Orozco’s innovative approach marries Fung Shui, eco-consciousness, and her Franco-Mexican heritage.

Yoga Focus: The pivotal role of yoga practices in the hotel’s daily routine, featuring extensive yoga sessions and spaces dedicated to meditation and Reiki classes.

Holistic Approach: The commitment to wellness with on-site holistic therapies, a unique plant-based menu, and the integration of flowers into the guest experience.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Ariela Kiradjian’s hotel business journey, emphasizes teamwork and the personal touch in the hotel acquisition process.

Renovation Challenges: The trials and tribulations faced during the renovation, including delays, communication issues with architects, and staffing hurdles.

Cultural Identity: Strategies for maintaining the authenticity of the boutique hotel brand while embracing Mexican culture and design.

Neighborhood Transformation: The evolution of Paris’ 18th arrondissement from its historical roots to a hub for new hospitality ventures.

Future of Travel: Insights into the shift toward more authentic travel experiences and the role of independent businesses in shaping tourism.

Leadership and Inclusivity: The importance of feminine leadership and creating a culture of inclusivity in the hospitality industry.

Empowerment: A conversation on the need for gender equality in the workplace and the empowerment of women in leadership roles.

Closing Thoughts:

Ariela and Charlotte conclude the episode by emphasizing the importance of identity and authenticity for women in leadership. Their passionate dialogue invites listeners to consider how the hospitality industry can be a platform for positive change, advocating for a future where sustainable luxury, personal well-being, and cultural integrity are not just trends, but foundations of the travel experience.

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