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High Society: A1 American

The BLLA team sits down with A1 American to discuss what it means to be boutique. BLLA: What is the mission statement of your company? A1 A...

The BLLA team sits down with A1 American to discuss what it means to be boutique.

BLLA: What is the mission statement of your company?

A1 American: “We are a leading global manufacturer, distributor and single supply source for products within the Hospitality, Vacation Rental, Healthcare, Commercial Laundry and Fitness markets. Our team is dedicated to providing top tier products and services with competitive pricing for current and future clientele; our vast product line offers an array of textile, OS&E and FF&E needs, including towels, sheets, decorative bed coverings, bulk & bottled amenities, small appliances, sustainable products, draperies, furniture case goods and much more.”

BLLA: Why are you excited to be a member of BLLA?

A1 American: “We are excited to join and unite with the expanding network of BLLA and to help support the efforts and value of boutique hotels within Hospitality. We advocate the mission to advance small/independent businesses and hotels towards greater economic success. As A1 American also strives to be a collective voice of equality and diversity within the Hospitality industry, we also recognize the ever-increasing demand to stand together in unison, and we are on board!”

BLLA: How do you help boutique hotels thrive?

A1 American: “We help boutique hotels thrive by supporting their efforts as a member in the association; we supply the hotel brand(s) with necessary products, in necessary places. We also offer products that exude comfort and ease on a personal level, including alternative décor, PPE and contactless options to minimize risk for guests, informational videos to aid consumers in their queries and more. We help fortify boutique hotels with guest preferred safety measures and products, as well as encourage hoteliers to know that they can always rely on us too.”

BLLA: Where do you see this niche headed in the future?

A1 American: “We find that boutique hotels will continue to thrive more successfully in the future, as they are creatively responsible enough to maneuver towards a post-pandemic world with long term guest bookings. As we live in a generation that places deeper value and emphasis on unique and individual experiences (particularly among younger generations), the inevitable exchange of boutique related pleasantries and information on social media will certainly attribute to it becoming more mainstream in nature, down the line.”

BLLA: Why do you believe boutique hoteliers are more open-minded than traditional hoteliers?

A1 American: “Boutique hoteliers are definitely more open minded than traditional hoteliers, on a generalized scale for one big reason, which happens to be the very reason they are boutique or individual businesses to begin with: more personalized experiences to offer. As modern travelers book boutique hotels to create long-lasting good memories, boutique hotels strive to go above and beyond to think outside the box, on a more creative scale to create that authentic experience for guests.”

BLLA: Why do you believe in the boutique movement?

A1 American: “The boutique hotel movement is ever expanding and fits ideally for travelers and guests who want a more tailored and unique experience from their stay. In today’s dynamic world of change and innovation, we believe that the boutique movement is a movement towards modernization, towards originality and towards personalization. As many millennials are increasingly looking for special and unique ways to travel and share on their social media, the future definitely has a touch of creativity in it for the boutique movement.”

A1 American is a premier plus vendor/partner member of BLLA – view more details here!

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