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Scaling Boutique Hospitality

Season 2 of the Unfamiliar Shift, Episode 6 In the ever-evolving world of hospitality, boutique hotels have carved out a unique niche that prioriti...

Season 2 of the Unfamiliar Shift, Episode 6

In the ever-evolving world of hospitality, boutique hotels have carved out a unique niche that prioritizes authenticity, flexibility, and immersive experiences. One podcast episode, in particular, offers a captivating journey into this world. Welcome to “The Unfamiliar Shift” podcast with Ariela, where we dive deep into the secrets of boutique hospitality with the CEO of Lark Hotels, Peter Twachtman.

Peter Twachtman: A Visionary in Boutique Hospitality

As the CEO of Lark Hotels, Peter Twachtman is at the forefront of redefining the boutique hospitality industry. In this engaging episode, he shares his invaluable insights, experiences, and the challenges he has faced in scaling a hospitality company while maintaining its integrity.

The Lark Hotels Story: Scaling with Success

Peter joined Lark Hotels approximately 3.5 years ago and has since overseen the remarkable growth of the company. What was once 21 properties has now expanded to an impressive 55, representing 16 different states. Lark Hotels is a unique brand company with a management arm that handles all of its owned and third-party assets. With 26 properties bearing the Lark flag and 29 non-branded, independent hotels, it’s clear that the company’s journey is nothing short of inspiring.

One key takeaway from the podcast is the emphasis on establishing a robust foundation. Peter highlights the critical role of having the right people and systems in place to support the company’s growth. This is a valuable lesson for anyone looking to scale their business while preserving its essence.

Navigating Boutique Hospitality Trends and Independence

The podcast also touches upon the evolving landscape of the hotel industry, emphasizing the importance of authenticity in boutique hotels. Peter discusses the challenges faced by boutique hotels when competing with larger chains that attempt to standardize experiences. The pursuit of independence and the ability to offer truly unique stays are key factors that set boutique hotels apart.

Vulnerability, Trust, and Teamwork

Ariela and Peter explore the significance of vulnerability and trust in leadership and teamwork. They both underscore that while not everyone may be comfortable with vulnerability, it is essential for building trust and receiving genuine feedback. Ariela, the host of “The Unfamiliar Shift” podcast, shares her experience of using vulnerability to create impactful events for her business, BLLA. The episode also features a memorable instance where she encountered resistance when trying to connect with a potential client, highlighting the importance of organic relationship building within the community.

Scaling a Boutique Hotel Collection

An exciting aspect of the episode is the discussion surrounding the transition of boutique hotel collections. Ariela expresses her enthusiasm for Peter taking on the role of CEO at Lark Hotels, as the founder and CEO, Rob Blood, felt it was time to explore new roles. Peter, a close friend and former colleague of Rob, humorously recalls their journey, from connecting on LinkedIn over a decade ago to becoming great friends and eventually working together. The key takeaway here is the need for founders to identify their strengths and weaknesses to effectively scale their businesses, choosing partners who align with their values for long-term success.

Personal and Professional Development in Boutique Hospitality

The podcast also highlights the importance of personal development in building strong business relationships. Ariela and Peter discuss the role of creativity in business, emphasizing that it goes beyond surface-level thinking. Creativity, as they explain, involves diving deeper into the roots of innovative ideas and understanding their profound impact on creating something truly meaningful.

“The Unfamiliar Shift with Ariela” provides a captivating exploration of the world of boutique hospitality through the eyes of Peter Twachtman, CEO of Lark Hotels. From scaling a boutique hotel collection to maintaining authenticity and fostering creativity, this episode offers a wealth of insights and wisdom for anyone interested in the dynamic and fascinating industry of bespoke hospitality. It underscores the significance of personal development, trust, and vulnerability in the world of boutique hospitality, leaving listeners inspired and informed.

This enlightening episode is available for listening on Apple Podcasts and Spotify Podcasts. The series is proudly sponsored by Solonis, a property management system designed for hotels and a premier partner sponsor of BLLA.

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