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Simple Pleasures with Sarah Sklash

Season 1, Episode 4 of "The Unfamiliar Shift with Ariela" Listen to Episode 4 now! Overview: Sarah Sklash is a passionate Motelier and ...

Season 1, Episode 4 of “The Unfamiliar Shift with Ariela”


Sarah Sklash is a passionate Motelier and Co-Founder of The June Motel.

You may recognize Sarah as half of the iconic duo who starred in Motel Makeover, a Netflix series that followed their renovation of The June Sauble Beach. Through light-hearted and sincere episodes, Sarah and her Co-Founder, April Brown, painted a beautiful picture of how their brand came to be and why boutique concepts are here to stay.

Before Sarah became a full-time Motelier, she spent a decade working in public service, with a focus on vital statistics and creating customer-centric processes. She finds her years of government experience to be especially useful in navigating all the government interactions required as an entrepreneur.

When away from her desk, Sarah is a passionate traveler who believes that “the moment you first open the doors to a new hotel room is the best feeling in the world.”

What You Will Hear:

– How Sarah built her career in the hospitality industry
– Career shift and first property purchase
– Being a Motelier
– Disadvantages & advantages of no formal hospitality industry education
– Being unique and individualistic
– Ethos of The June Motel
– Advice on maintaining good partnerships
– Importance of communication
– Business models
– Obstacles and lessons in property ownership
– What is success to Sarah?
– Understanding risk
– Motel Makeover on Netflix
– What does boutique mean to Sarah?

Season 1 is sponsored by Solonis, the new property management system designed for hotels. Solonis is also a premier partner member of BLLA!

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