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The Artisans: Phil Hospod

The BLLA Team sits down with Phil Hospod, Founder & CEO at Dovetail + Co, as he delves into his experience as a boutique hotelier. BLLA: Wh...

The BLLA Team sits down with Phil Hospod, Founder & CEO at Dovetail + Co, as he delves into his experience as a boutique hotelier.

BLLA: What is your company’s mission statement?

PH: “Creating beautiful experiences in destinations that excite and with people that inspire.” 

BLLA: How did you enter the hospitality industry?

PH: “I was lucky to discover hospitality in undergrad as a student consultant for Four Seasons in Toronto, Canada. I quickly realized that it was the perfect industry for me as it fulfilled both the analytical and creative side of my personality and one where I can constantly be learning. I also love the team based approach to problem solving and the creative process in taking an idea and making it reality.”

BLLA: What does “boutique” mean to you?

PH: “Boutique to me means a genuine attention to every detail at every moment in the guest experience. It’s not enough to have a beautiful website if the service isn’t friendly and attentive. A boutique hotel experience should feel like you’re being taken care of, that you’re seen, and that the space and the experience was hand crafted just for you.”

BLLA: How are you an artisan?

PH: “If done perfectly, the boutique hotel experience has the potential to transport, to inspire, and to energize. It’s a lofty ambition but one that keeps us motivated to keep creating. And when you get it just right, it’s immensely satisfying. I imagine this constant pursuit of perfection is similar to an artist’s approach to their craft. And if the result isn’t perfect, there’s always tomorrow and the next hotel.”

BLLA: Why do you celebrate the path of independence?

PH: “We are all independent and unique individuals with higher aspirations for self-actualization. A hotel stay serves a base need for shelter and security but I truly believe that it is only through an independent and boutique experience, do we have the potential to connect with the guest on a deeper level and inspire them on their own personal path to fulfillment.”

BLLA: What advice would you give to first-time hoteliers?

PH: “Tomorrow is always another day. And don’t read every review.”

BLLA: What would you say to hotel lenders & investors reading this?

PH: “We live in an uncertain world and no one formula will work forever. Staying independent allows the business to maintain flexibility and pivot as necessary to best satisfy the needs of the guests while operating within market realities.”

BLLA: What’s next for you?

PH: “We’re looking forwards to an exciting 12 months with four hotel openings in Bermuda, Waikiki, San Diego, and NYC coming up. And if we’re lucky, we’ll find another hotel or two along the way to keep our creative ambitions flowing.”

Phil was also featured on StayBoutique – view his story here!

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