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The Unfamiliar Shift with Ariela Podcast Embarks on a New Journey

Discover extraordinary insights into authentic Boutique Hospitality minds with the launch of Season Two After a critically acclaimed inaugural s...

Discover extraordinary insights into authentic Boutique Hospitality minds with the launch of Season Two

After a critically acclaimed inaugural season that pulled back the curtain on the world of boutique hospitality, “The Unfamiliar Shift with Ariela” returns with a second season to explore even more hidden gems in the hotel industry, specifically the boutique hotel industry. The celebrated podcast series, renowned for uncovering the most captivating stories from independent and boutique hoteliers around the globe, invites listeners to check-in for its latest installment, starting on November 13.

Host Ariela Kiradian of BLLA, revered for her insightful conversations and in-depth industry knowledge, continues her exploration into the artistry and passion behind boutique hospitality. Season 2 promises to deliver an array of immersive episodes featuring intimate interviews with visionary hoteliers, behind-the-scenes tales of creating hotels, and what it means to lead with the independent spirit.

Solonis, the boutique hotel PMS solution, has come back as the official sponsor of Season 2 of The Unfamiliar Shift with Ariela. Solonis is the next generation of hospitality property management. Based on  40+ years of experience, they have built the most intuitive, intelligent, and integrated property management system on the market. We are thrilled to be partnering with their incredible team again and we are thankful for this partnership that allows us to bring boutique hotelier’s stories to the world. 

“A first season spent in the company of some of the most innovative minds in boutique hospitality was only the beginning,” said Ariela Kiradjian. “This season, we dive deeper, showcasing how these unique properties are changing the way we think about travel, one guest experience at a time.”

Season 2: A Suite of New Stories

In its second season, “The Unfamiliar Shift with Ariela” elevates the listener experience with episodes packed with personal narratives, industry insights, and the indomitable spirit that defines independent, boutique hotels.

This season’s guests include Charlotte Gomez de Orozco of HOY Hotel, Andrew Miele of Nomade People, Arnaud Zannier of Zannier Hotels, Diana Stobo of The Retreat Costa Rica, Peter Twachtman of Lark Hotels, Jersey Banks of Urban Cowboy, Sims Foster of Foster Supply Hospitality, Cory Schisler of The Madrona, Nathalie Jordi of Hotel Peter & Paul, Audrey Laurent-Maclean of Mac & Lo Hospitality and Sergio Maclean of Mac & Lo Hospitality. 

Global Spotlights: Uncover the allure of boutique hotels from far-flung corners of the world to the hidden nooks of bustling cities.

Design Philosophy: Learn how architecture and interior design converge to create breathtaking spaces that tell their own stories.

Sustainability Practices: Dive into how eco-friendly initiatives and local community integration are reshaping the industry.

Guest Experiences: Discover how these hotels craft unforgettable moments that turn a stay into a story worth telling.

“This season we’re putting the spotlight on the transformative power of boutique hospitality,” said Kiradjian. “We want our listeners to feel like they’re stepping into these extraordinary places and understanding the craftsmanship that goes into creating a one-of-a-kind hotel experience.”

About Ariela 

Ariela Goharik Kiradjian is a recognized leader and innovator in the boutique hospitality sector, serving as the Partner and Chief Operating Officer of the Boutique Lifestyle Lodging Association (BLLA) and BLLA Events. Her dynamic role extends to being the Co-Founder of both StayBoutique, a platform dedicated to the boutique lifestyle, and the Boutique Money Group, an initiative focusing on financial aspects of the boutique niche.

Ariela Goharik Kiradjian is an influential leader in boutique hospitality, known for spearheading major events and contributing insights to top publications in the field. She couples her professional life with a love for travel and a commitment to authenticity, often exploring new boutique experiences. At home, she practices herbology, deepening her connection with the natural world. Ariela’s combined professional influence and personal passions make her a key architect in the evolution of boutique hospitality and lifestyle.

About BLLA

The official organization for the world’s boutique lifestyle hospitality leaders promoting connection, education, and advocacy. As a pioneer in forecasting the boutique movement, BLLA’s boutique community extends to more than 10,000 verified boutique and lifestyle hotels. The BLLA Corporate Manifesto video. BLLA is a catalyst for trends and the future of the boutique lifestyle, exactly what today’s traveler is embracing. / 



Los Angeles, CA USA

Press Access and Interview Opportunities

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Listeners can find season two of “The Unfamiliar Shift with Ariela” on all major podcast platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.. Be the first to hear the season premiere on November 13, with new episodes arriving weekly.

For sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes footage, and interactive content, follow the show on social media: @BoutiqueLifestyleLeaders Instagram, and Boutique Lifestyle Leaders Association on LinkedIn.

Join us for a journey into the spaces that offer more than just a place to sleep—they offer a window into the soul of travel. Welcome to season two of “The Unfamiliar Shift with Ariela”—where every episode is a key to a new experience.

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