Shaping Luxury Hospitality

Podcast episode with Arnaud Zannier Episode Summary: In this engaging episode of The Unfamiliar Shift, Ariela Kiradjian dives deep into the world of boutique hospitality with the illustrious Arnaud Zannier, the Founder of Zannier Hotels. Known for their unique luxury hotel experiences worldwide, from Cambodia to Namibia, Zannier Hotels stand out with their emphasis on […]

Embracing Sustainable Luxury and Wellness in Hospitality

Podcast episode with Charlotte Gomez de Orozco Episode Summary: In this enlightening first episode of season two, Charlotte Gomez de Orozco, the visionary founder of HOY Hotel Paris, delves into the intricate blend of sustainable luxury and wellness that defines her hotel’s ethos. She also unpacks the unique yoga-centric hotel concept thriving in the heart […]

The Unfamiliar Shift with Ariela Podcast Embarks on a New Journey

Discover extraordinary insights into authentic Boutique Hospitality minds with the launch of Season Two After a critically acclaimed inaugural season that pulled back the curtain on the world of boutique hospitality, “The Unfamiliar Shift with Ariela” returns with a second season to explore even more hidden gems in the hotel industry, specifically the boutique hotel […]

The Annual Gathering for Boutique Hotel Owners Scheduled to Meet in October

Charting the Future: Global Boutique Hospitality Industry Convenes to Strategize New Era of Hotel Ownership The Boutique Lifestyle Lodging Association (BLLA) proudly presents the 12th iteration of the esteemed Boutique Hotel Owners Conference, slated for October 10-11, 2023. This year, the Westlake Village Inn in Los Angeles will play host to a transformative retreat-style experience, […]

The Confluence of Sustainability and Profitability: A New Paradigm for Independent Hotels

Words from the 2023 Boutique Hotel Investment Conference by BLLA In an era marked by accelerated change and unpredictability, staying ahead in any industry calls for adaptability and foresight. The recent BLLA conference on the investment advantages of small-scale operational adaptability spotlighted the criticality of these traits, particularly in sectors beyond the realms of technology. […]

Leveraging Technology to Enhance Hospitality

Words from the 2023 Boutique Hotel Investment Conference by BLLA The hospitality industry, known for its personal touch, is increasingly leaning into technology to enhance guest experiences and streamline operations. A recent panel discussion at the 2023 Boutique Hotel Investment Conference by BLLA featuring industry experts offered valuable insights into how technology could act as […]

Starting Small and the Outdoor Hospitality Approach

Words from the 2023 Boutique Hotel Investment Conference by BLLA In the independent and boutique hospitality industry, entrepreneurs and professionals are increasingly recognizing the value of innovative design and outdoor experiences. This article delves into insights from industry experts who gathered at a recent BLLA conference, The Boutique Hotel Investment Conference by BLLA, to discuss […]

Food & Beverage as a Recipe for Success

Words from the 2023 Boutique Hotel Investment Conference by BLLA The fusion of local elements into the fabric of a building’s design has emerged as a captivating concept for food and beverage directors within the hotel industry. This article delves into the discussions held during the panel titled “F&B as a Recipe for Success,” where […]

The Shifting Landscape of Boutique Hotel Investments

The shifting landscape of boutique hotel investments has sparked discussions about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Amidst these conversations, BLLA’s industry experts have expressed optimism and resilience, showcasing the adaptability and creativity that define the boutique hotel sector. Allison Callen, Director of Investments at Global Holdings Management Group, believes that the enduring growth […]

Unique to Boutique

How Independent Hotel Owners Leverage Adaptability to Adopt Profitable Transformation, an Overview of the Boutique Hotel Investment Conference  The Boutique Lifestyle Leadership Association (BLLA) held its 11th annual Boutique Hotel Investment Conference on June 7 and 8 in the heart of New York City at Florence Gould Hall. The conference brought together passionate participants to […]