Maximizing Room Profitability, Minimizing Environmental Impact

Avendra’s Commodity Market Update for Q1 2024 rings in some good news for your budget and guest experience. Inflation appears to be stabilizing, and may even begin to ebb, and the hospitality supply chain is flowing more freely than in recent years. Additionally, we’re finding ways for our customers to be more in tune with […]

The Culture Conundrum

Anyone who has ever worked for any organization has heard how important “culture” is to the operating environment. Because the word is used so loosely, the significance of organizational culture is often misunderstood – the oxygen that feeds the soul of a company can be taken for granted and mishandled by its most senior leaders. […]

Are You Reviewing Financial KPIs For Your Hotel Regularly?

by Casey Dill, Chief Financial Officer of Staypineapple Hotels Do you know if your hotel is performing at the highest level? Are you missing out on opportunities? Are there changes that can be made that will quickly improve the bottom line? During uncertain economic environments such as inflation, rising interest rates and global unrest, it’s […]

Health and Wellness Supports a Great Hotel Stay

by Dina Belon, COO of Staypineapple Hotels The Hospitality industry strives to provide excellent customer service, luxurious accommodations and exquisite cuisine. However one of the most essential aspects that is often overlooked is health and wellness, for both guests and employees. In recent years, the industry has started to recognize the importance of promoting health […]

The Face of a Brand

A website is the face of a brand in the digital space. It is a brand’s ambassador in the digital world, representing its values, personality, and promise to audiences. While websites of the past were simply informational hubs, sites today must employ savvy design and dynamic performance for modern brands to succeed. A study by […]

The Importance of Service & How to Boost Your Approach to Guest Relationships

In today’s competitive hospitality landscape, providing exceptional service to guests is not only important, but it’s also essential to the success of the property. The level of service provided will often make or break a hotel’s reputation, guiding the decisions of guests’ future choice of whether or not to return or recommend. So, it’s crucial […]

Recruiting in Hospitality: It’s Time to Give Job Seekers What they Want

We’ve all heard the saying: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. It may be cliche, but this concept holds some weight when it comes to post-pandemic hiring. As people’s expectations for work shift, standing out as an employer and making great hires requires you to […]

Employee Referral Program Guidelines for Hotels

According to a survey conducted by the American Hotel & Lodging Association, 94% of hotels reported that they experienced staffing shortages in 2022, with 49% noting that this shortage is severe. Overall, there’s more than 130,000 open hotel positions nationwide. One of the best ways to boost your pipeline of candidates and fill your open […]

World Cinema Retrofits Boutique Hotels

Technology Designed for Aesthetic Integrity World Cinema designs retrofit infrastructure solutions at the total lowest cost of ownership for boutique and historic hotels. Experienced in the customized design and wiring process, ImpruviX by World Cinema reviews as-built drawings to design a custom solution to accommodate the building’s unique, pre-existing structure.  About World Cinema designs updated […]

Cashless Tipping: The Next Big Thing for Boutique Hotels

These days, hotels are leveraging technology across almost every aspect of their operations. But when it comes to gratuity management, many hospitality teams continue to rely on the same-old analog (and arduous) tip payment processes they’ve used in decades past. In an increasingly digital world, sticking with a status-quo, cash-based tipping program is a missed […]