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High Society: Top Branding/ Marketing/ PR Firms

BLLA has rounded up the top branding/marketing/pr firms for boutique hotels. Take a look at some exceptional companies who put boutique at top of min...

BLLA has rounded up the top branding/marketing/pr firms for boutique hotels. Take a look at some exceptional companies who put boutique at top of mind!

The Madison Melle Agency

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“Boutique hotels have the unique ability to create their own stories in a way that resonates across all five senses. Unlike branded hotels where much of this is pre-determined, for Boutique brands, Imagination is never limited, and creativity thrives.”

Cara Federici, CEO, The Madison Melle Agency & tech theory group


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“The essence of a great boutique hotel experience is more about delivering a feeling, an ethos, than a great marketing campaign. These special places shine from within. Their intimate scale and distinctive communities allow for the people behind the most memorable properties to be the true stewards of the brand experience – forging lasting relationships amongst themselves and with the guests. 

“Meaningful travel is personal. It is a very exciting pivot point, right now, for the Independent Hotelier. Those truly leading the way are embracing this search for meaning amidst a shifting world paradigm – translating it through human connections and a clear voice for their properties that resonates with purpose.”

Denise Korn, Principal and Founder, Yellow&

Collective Work

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“With its smaller properties; visionary, passionate entrepreneurs; and deeper relationships with guests and fans, we think boutique hospitality is particularly well-poised to lead the future of hospitality. They’re more nimble. They’re less entrenched in old models. They care about the art and craft of hosting. The boutique industry is inherently brave and creative. The years ahead will call for (and yes, test) those traits–but we’re already seeing this spirit of adventure and entrepreneurism flourish in these “interesting” times. Boutique WILL set the tone for the “new” hospitality.”

Regina Connell, Founder, & Gail Piccirilli, Co-Founder, Collective Work

Studio Nilebrand

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“In differentiating a brand one must create a product that will leave a lasting impression. However, hotels provide guests with something intangible. Guests don’t walk out with a product, rather, they leave with an impression and a memory. 

“Boutique hotels are leading the way with branding and marketing because they have the freedom to create a lasting impression without the restraints of strict brand guidelines. By deriving inspiration from their community, implementing a localized approach, executing outstanding service and including intricate design details, it’s no wonder why boutique hotels are thriving.”

Nile Tuzun, Founder & Chief Creative Storyteller, Studio Nilebrand

Eason Branding

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“It is inspiring to see so many boutique hotels currently leading the way in branding and marketing, despite the myriad of challenges facing the hospitality industry today. These boutique brands are choosing to stand out, to tell their own unique story, to connect with travelers and guests in meaningful ways, and to make a difference in their community. Most significantly, they are also bringing their brand to life throughout the entire guest experience. The staff, the menu, the decor, the service, the amenities, all reflect the brand positioning and personality that has been developed to provide a roadmap for the future. Additionally, their marketing has been curated to be on brand and effective in driving desired results. There has never been a better time to be a boutique hotel and to lead the way in building a unique and relevant hotel brand.”

Janet Eason, Founding Partner, Eason Branding


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“Because of their intimate and specialized nature, boutique hotels are primed to deliver branding that highlights their one-of-a-kind amenities. Though faced with closures and reduced occupancies during the pandemic, boutique properties were more easily able to reinvent their image, develop programs and amenities specifically targeted to a pandemic-weary audience, and communicate health and wellness updates and resources in an agile and transparent way. One example is BLLA member Vista Encantada Spa Resort & Residences, which opened just before the pandemic. Due to its unique boutique features, the property fortunately had a headstart on pandemic trends of wellness and open spaces, with amenities like the outdoor lobby, juice bar, a private jacuzzi in every suite, and a Guest Experience Manager catering to guests’ every whim. Because of the hotel’s intimate setting, these specialized amenities were marketed authentically.”

Carolyn Izzo-Feldman, CEO & Founder, CIIC PR


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“For independent hotels with big aspirations, branding and marketing have become critical. Historically, it’s been very expensive to develop and execute a marketing and brand strategy. However, with the advent of the internet and other mass communication channels, it’s more accessible than ever for indie properties. Boutique hotels have been so successful because they are engaged in their community, invest in people, have a unique identity, value great design, and know exactly what they offer their guests. These things, among others, create unforgettable experiences for guests which lead them to share with family and friends. Guests essentially join the hotel’s marketing team, becoming brand evangelists and giving a hotel endless content, PR, testimonials, and distribution.”

Jeremy Wells & Dustin Myers, Partners, Longitude

Satellite Office

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“There is a growing understanding that branding is not just about a cool logo, or the thing you do after developing your property. Done well, done right, done up-front, successful boutique hotels are discovering and amplifying a singular narrative that binds architecture, interior design, and marketing into a powerful guest proposition and experience. This unwavering focus on unifying concept and design differentiates and attracts the heart and soul of boutique properties — curious experience seekers.”

Erik Attkisson, Founder & Chief Brand Strategist, Satellite Office, Inc.

All of these branding/marketing/PR companies are members of BLLA.

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