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High Society: Top PMS Solutions for Boutique Hotels

BLLA has rounded up the top PMS solution providers for boutique hotels. Take a look at some exceptional companies who put boutique at top of mind! ...

BLLA has rounded up the top PMS solution providers for boutique hotels. Take a look at some exceptional companies who put boutique at top of mind!


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“The independent hotel and boutique luxury segment of the hospitality market is unique, diverse, creative and resilient; traits that inform their awareness of the positive role technology plays in providing personalized guest service and cohesive operations. The operators of these properties are motivated by their independence to leverage technology to provide their own unique guest experience offerings, unencumbered by strict brand guidelines. They also enjoy the benefit of being nimble, with the ability and interest to implement selected technologies quickly, further driving innovation in the vendor community. This latitude allows these properties to harness current technologies to engage with guests in both digital and physical ways, thus meeting the diverse needs of their clientele in a very personalized manner.  Compelled to maintain their reputation for luxury and high touch service, they understand the advantages using technology as the foundation to customize the guest journey and deliver personalized experiences.” 

Warren Dehan, President, Maestro


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“Boutique hotels often lead the way in technology adoption because they see tech as an integral part of the unique and curated guest experience that they offer. That could mean using software to automate tedious tasks and free up staff time to focus on guests, or using technology to facilitate a more memorable stay for the guest, such as making room requests available via text, or making checkout a simple one-tap process with contactless payments.”

Adam Harris, CEO, Cloudbeds

RMS Cloud

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“Boutique hotels have a unique opportunity to lead the industry in the use of new technologies. Given their size and staffing constraints, they are always looking for ways to be more efficient, creative, and prepared to cater to their guests’ unique needs. Often boutique properties are unencumbered by constraints imposed by large management companies and brands, freeing them to be nimble and open to new tools. This can be a competitive advantage and great for the industry as new products become available and start-ups enter the market.”

Victor Vesnaver, Chief Operating Officer, RMS North America


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“As travelers continue to search for their accommodations to provide more and more personalization and purpose, I find that boutique hotels answer the call and provide thoughtful touchpoints and meaningful moments from the start. I see hotels with stunning storytelling, websites, and unique spaces that offer transformational travel experiences.”

Nathan Mayfield, Vice President, ResNexus


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“As the industry recovers, what is clear is that we will be looking at a world that may favor leisure travelers and an elective kind of business travel. Boutique hotels have the most to gain if they are able to use the shift in the sands to their advantage, by focusing on their strengths – their uniqueness and delivering memorable experiences which drive a natural kind of lifelong loyalty. Boutique hoteliers are also the most courageous when implementing technology and most of the big technological progressions in hospitality in the past 10 years have been driven by those who want to create these types of guest experiences. 

“We share the belief that technology can help to deliver better experiences and set a hotel apart from the competition, by freeing up team members to focus solely on the guest’s satisfaction. If you can give the mundane, data-entry tasks to technology, you have team members who are able to build relationships with the customer which deepen with data gathered and repeat stays enjoyed. There is a lower cost of acquisition and greater chance to upsell, offering a personalized, more profitable service. 

“Boutique hotels are known for their attentive, motivated staff and allowing them to be more autonomous and creative creates a great atmosphere in a hotel and helps improve staff retention. Technology is helping boutique hotels innovate, and they in turn drive the entire sector to follow their lead.”

Richard Valtr, Founder, Mews

Megasys Hospitality Solutions

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“Boutique hotels embrace the ever-evolving world of technology to help them provide their guests with that one-of-a-kind experience they expect when booking their stay at a boutique hotel.”

Megasys Hospitality Solutions


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“Boutique hotels are leading the way with technology because their guests are going through a technological evolution. Guests are trying to automate themselves in similar ways to how businesses want to automate processes. They want to streamline communication, so they turn to text messaging. They want to check into the room quickly without the wait, so they turn to self-check-ins.

“They want to pay through the latest technology trends, so they turn to Google Wallet or Apple Pay.

“This preference for guests to automate their experience is a net win for the lodging industry – when guests automate their experience, so do businesses. It has never been easier for a boutique hotel to embrace technology.”

Richard Aday, CEO + Principal Engineer, ThinkReservations

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